It’s Here! – Tactile Times Issue 3

Dear Readers,
It’s here!  We are very excited to send you Tactile Times issue 3.
With the biggest variety of contributors yet, and some great articles covering a wide range of topics, this edition has something for everyone.  And, it has come just in time to give you the latest news ahead of the second lockdown starting on Thursday.
Please do forward this email and this issue on to anyone you think might like to read the Tactile Times, and remember to send in feedback and suggestions to us at
Also get ready to contribute to Issue 4. You (and anyone you send this email to) can add your email on the following link:, link
and we will let you know when the deadlines for the next issue are.  Also, watch our website for a competition which will be coming in time for Issue 4 contributors.
Why not join our WhatsApp group and connect with other young braillists who are also readers? You can find more information on our website (

From the Editors (Ellie, Lexy and Theo)
The Tactile Times – By young braillists for young braillists


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