Join our first ever Strava challenge!

Hi everyone,
We are very excited that the first ever Tactile Times Strava challenge is kicking off today!
We are one of the first people to use this new feature called Group challenges, which allows us to create Strava challenges for free as long as they are invite-only.
Our challenge is called “Sprint to summer” as this is the final home straight before the school holidays begin. The goal is to complete 5 hours of any activity that Strava supports before the 3rd of July. It may be quite an easy goal for some people, but if you want to push it further you can always aim to win the challenge!
We will be posting updates and leaderboards here to keep everyone up-to-date on how the challenge is going.
We want to make this challenge as open as possible, so the first 20 people to follow the below account will be invited. Hurry and claim your spot now before it’s too late!
We have had to restrict the number of invites we send due to a limit of 25 athletes per challenge.
If you miss this, don’t worry. More challenges are coming soon!


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