Tactile Times during lockdown (Quiz, Events updates, top tips and more)

Dear Tactile Times readers,

We have been doing what we can to connect braillists during lockdown and to keep them informed.

We have put in place the following things:

• Quiz – We have launched TTN Quiz round 1, a fully-accessible fun quiz. It is open for 8 more days at ttnquiz.page.link/1

• Accessible on(line) events updates – We have been emailing out weekly updates about the latest online events. Sign up on the website at tactiletimes.page.link/h

• We have published the lockdown issue at tactiletimes.page.link/is which contains top tips for lockdown, tech guides and much more.

• We have put together lots of tips for using tech as a blind person which can be found at t.me/noitechtips

If you would like to get in touch, email us at tactiletimesnewspaper@gmail.com or use the contact form linked to at the top of this page.