Cookies raising money for Tactile Times hardcopy production

Today, £28.80 was raised from selling 30 cookies and other items.
The money will go towards envelopes and braille paper for hardcopy versions of the Tactile Times.

Theo sitting behind the cookies table


Contributions are open for Issue 4!

Dear Tactile Times Subscribers,
We are excited to let you know that we are aiming to publish the next issue
of the Tactile Times (Issue 4) during the Easter Break.  Please look out for

If you are a young braillist, and would like to contribute an article,
please write to us at The deadline for contributions
will be Tuesday 6th April.

There is lots you could write about!  The recommended length is 100 – 300
words, and the newspaper’s normal sections are: Events, Fun things to do,
News, Technology, Jokes, Sport, Music (new in this issue), Languages (new in
this issue) and Games.   We are talking to some charities about sponsorship,
so contributors may well receive a reward of some sort! There is also a quiz
on accessible articles available on the contribute page of our website, and
the winner will be announced shortly after 14th April.

For more information on how to submit an article, please email us at or you can also find lots of useful information on the
contribute page of our website,
We have also now got an embosser to send out hard copy braille with! You can
find more information about it on the embosser page of our website.

If you would like to join in even more of the Tactile Times fun, why not
also join our Strava club at
it’s free to join and you will receive updates from us directly via Strava.

If you are interested in technology, we have also just added a few in-page
links on our homepage, so contact us to let us know what you think of them!

Best Wishes

The Tactile Times Editorial Team
By young braillists, Brining news and events for young braillist altogether
into one place.

Our new Strava club

Dear Readers,
We have now launched a new Tactile Times Strava club.
This will enable us to share updates via Strava, as well as bring together a community of readers who are interested in Strava.
To join now, just go to:
and either login or sign up to Strava with Apple, Google or email to get started.
There is already a post on the club so join now and check it out!
The Tactile Times Team

The latest from Tactile Times – Contributions for Issue 4 are open, Fantasy football registration, and more

Dear Readers,

Here are the latest updates from Tactile Times:

• Contributions are open for Issue 4, you can find more info at:

• You can now register your interest for our Fantasy football 2021/22 league at

• Join the conversation in our WhatsApp group by sending us a join request via our website.