The results of our Sprint for Summer Strava challenge

Hi all,
Here are the final results for our Sprint for Summer challenge on Strava which ended yesterday!
Huge congratulations to Elric for putting in the effort to win the challenge, and be sure to check back for more competitions and challenges coming soon.

The final leaderboard
1, Elric Doswell, 17h 53m
2, Theo Holroyd, 15h 49m
3, George Holroyd, 10h 12m
4, Alex Day, 2h 34m
Don’t worry if you didn’t manage to join in this time, as we are planning on doing another challenge during the holidays,
The Tactile Times Team

Our new Strava club

Dear Readers,
We have now launched a new Tactile Times Strava club.
This will enable us to share updates via Strava, as well as bring together a community of readers who are interested in Strava.
To join now, just go to:
and either login or sign up to Strava with Apple, Google or email to get started.
There is already a post on the club so join now and check it out!
The Tactile Times Team